Make a Payment / Purchase:

  1. Bins, Bags & Sticker Purchases

    Yard waste and recycling supplies are available for purchase at a number of City buildings and local suppliers.

  2. Classes & Programs

    Parks, Recreation & Arts offers a variety of aquatics, arts, dance, enrichment and fitness classes to community members of all ages each fall, winter/spring and summer.

  3. Fitness Membership

    With the purchase of a Fitness Membership at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center, members gain access to the fitness center, pool and gymnasiums during scheduled drop-in times.

  4. MSU Parking Ticket

    Michigan State University accepts online payments for parking tickets.

  5. Monthly Parking Permits

    Parking permits are available for purchase in a variety of parking garages and lots throughout the downtown.

  6. Parking Garage Payment

    Overnight parking is permitted in attended City of East Lansing lots and garages, however, vehicles will receive a Payment Due Notice on their vehicle at the time of closing for the hourly rate starting from the time entered until closing.

  7. Parking, Traffic or Misdemeanor Tickets

    The 54B District Court accepts online, cash, checks/money orders and credit cards for parking and traffic ticket payments.

  8. Property & Tax Bill

    The City of East Lansing accept online payments for property and tax bills.

  9. Public Library Fines

    The East Lansing Public Library accepts online payments for library fines.

  10. Water & Sewer Bill

    Water and sewer payments can be directly withdrawn from checking or savings accounts. Customers must complete the Automatic Bill Payment Enrollment form to activate automatic bill payment.