Before & After School (K-5th grade)

Kids Playing during Before & After SchoolThe Parks, Recreation & Arts Department offers quality Before & After School Child Care (B&A) for children enrolled in the East Lansing Public Schools for kids grades kindergarten through 5th grade during the academic calendar year. View program locations.

Before School Childcare

The Before School Programs opens at 7 a.m. each morning. Children engage in a variety of activities, including board games and puzzles, arts and crafts and socialization. Homework assistance is available as well. Children have the opportunity to eat breakfast offered by ELPS's breakfast program.

After School Childcare 

The After School Program opens as soon as school lets out at the end of the day. Upon arrival all children check in with the staff and attendance is taken. Children engage in a variety of activities, including gross motor play, arts and crafts, socialization and games. Homework assistance is available as well. The children go outside daily - please ensure each child dresses for the weather.

The program adheres to the 1:18 state licensing ratio, including at least one staff member that has their current certification in CPR and First Aid. All staff members are required to obtain at least 16 hours of training related to school-age children. Program supervisors have had at least 12 semester hours of college credits in a child related field. Most child care aides currently attend college and are pursuing degrees in education, child development or nursing.

2023-2024 Before & After School Enrollment

Registration opens on Monday, Aug. 7 and the first day of care for the 2023-2024 school year will be Tuesday, Sept. 5. One packet per child must be completed and turned in with an $80 per child registration fee and the first month's tuition. 

Registration will close. For children to start on Tuesday, Sept. 5 all registration materials must be submitted by Friday, Aug. 18. 

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the school year as long as space exists within state licensing ratios. Families can continue to enroll in the Before & After school program by submitting all the required paperwork and payments for their child(ren); however, eligibility for starting the program will take two weeks from the return of the forms. For additional information, email Julie Anne Jennings at

Inclement Weather

All B&A programs are CLOSED when the East Lansing Public Schools are closed for inclement weather. If schools are dismissed early for this reason After School Care will not be offered.