Apply for:

  1. Board & Commission Vacancy

    Interested residents are urged to apply to serve on several of the City's advisory boards and commissions..

  2. Building Permits

    A list of common permit applications for building in the City of East Lansing.

  3. Business Licensing & Permits

    A number of licenses and permits for required to do business in East Lansing. These applications are processed through the City Clerk's Office.

  4. CDBG / Human Services General Fund Grants

    The Community Development Division administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Human Services General Fund Grant programs, which fund services and projects benefiting income-qualified residents that meet HUD Income Qualifications.

  5. City Employment

    The Human Resources Department administers employment opportunities, employee benefits, unit negotiations and staff development.

  6. Community Development Block Grant

    Learn more about development grants.

  7. Construction Permits

    A list of common permit applications for construction work in the City of East Lansing.

  8. Cultural Arts Grant

    The East Lansing Arts Commission distributes grant funding for public art projects and events in East Lansing.

  9. Domestic Partnership Registry

    The Domestic Partnership Registry is optional and is open to anyone, regardless of their residency, who would like to make a declaration of domestic partnership.

  10. Economic Development Assistance

    In an effort to promote economic growth, the City of East Lansing provides a number of economic development incentives to businesses, offering support based on the nature of private sector investment and anticipated public benefit.

  1. Farmer's Market Vendor

  2. Homeowner Rehabilitation Program

    Hometown Housing Partnership (HHP) utilizes funding made available through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist income eligible households in East Lansing in rehabilitating their homes.

  3. Job / Career

    View full-time, part-time and seasonal job opportunities.

  4. Licensing & Permits

    Download applications for a variety of licenses, including business, taxicab, run/walk, facility use, etc.

  5. Public Library Card

    Apply for a library card! Free library cards are available for residents, MSU students, City employees, businesses/organizations and more.

  6. Taxicab Company / Driver License

    The Greater Lansing Taxi Authority (GLTA) regulates taxi companies and drivers for Greater Lansing.

  7. Veteran's Property Tax Exemption

    A newly expanded property tax exemption is available to disabled veterans. Public Act 161 applies to a homestead property of a disabled veteran who was discharged from the United States armed forces under honorable conditions.

  8. Volunteer Opportunities

    The City of East Lansing offers a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the organization.

  9. Voter Registration

    Link to the Michigan Secretary of State voter registration application.