1. Accessible / Barrier-Free Parking

    Reserved accessible parking is available in every parking lot and garage located within the City of East Lansing parking system.

  2. Bike, Moped & Motorcycle Parking

    Park your bicycles, mopeds or motorcycles in downtown East Lansing, while you enjoy the many shops, restaurants, services and art galleries.

  3. City Tax Rates

    Keep up to date on current tax rates in East Lansing.

  4. City Facilities & Parks

    View the different types of facilities East Lansing has to offer by category.

  5. District Court Case Schedule

    Search to view court schedules by judge, date / time, name, or case number.

  6. Election Information

    Stay up to date on elections in East Lansing.

  7. Emergency Preparedness Information

    The City of East Lansing encourages community members to be prepared in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or an act of violence.

  8. EV Charging Stations

    EV Charging Stations are available at two locations in the City of East Lansing.

  9. General Court Case Schedule

    The 54-B District Court was established by the Michigan Legislature in 1968 pursuant to constitutional mandate.

  10. Need-to-Know Ordinances

    The City of East Lansing has compiled a number of need-to-know ordinances. These ordinances are enforced by the East Lansing Police Department and Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE).

  11. Neighborhood Associations

  12. New Curbside Recycling Cart Program

  13. One Pager Plus

    East Lansing facts at your fingertips! Are you looking for quick answers to some common questions about East Lansing?

  14. Online Property & Tax Information

  15. Open Government

    Discover East Lansing City government documents and reports, Freedom of Information Act information, and other transparency information.

  16. Parking Locations

    Convenient, ample and affordable parking is located throughout downtown East Lansing.

  17. Parking Rates

    Convenient, ample and affordable parking is located in a number of garages and surface parking lots throughout downtown East Lansing.

  18. Prime Time Senior Program

    The Prime Time Seniors' Program is a nationally accredited program which serves to enrich the lives of community members who are age 55+.

  19. Recycling Drop-Off Locations

    Residents can recycle 24 hours a day, seven days a week at several drop-off locations.

  20. Rumors & Trending Topics

  21. Translation Services

    The City of East Lansing welcomes international residents and students around the world. Both interpreter and web translation services are available.