Sign Up for:

  1. All-of-us Express Children's Theatre Membership

    Access the All-of-us Express Children's Theatre's website to purchase membership.

  2. Before & After School

    The Before & After School Program (B&A) is available to children (kindergarten through 8th grade) enrolled in the East Lansing Public Schools.

  3. City Newsletter

    The City of East Lansing produces a number of online publications, which provide community members with the latest news and events, delivered straight to your inbox.

  4. Childcare

    The Bailey Community Childcare Program if open all year and accepts enrollment at any time, however, placement of children depends on availability of space in each room.

  5. Emergency Alerts

    Residents can sign up for emergency alerts and advisories from area law enforcement agencies, while also garnering important knowledge from helpful online resources.

  6. Environmental Stewardship Program

    The East Lansing Environmental Stewardship Program involves the community in the restoration of the City of East Lansing's park biotic communities by removing problematic invasive plant species and replacing them with native species.

  7. Prime Time Seniors' Program Membership

    There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Prime Time Seniors' Program member, including a $5 discount on classes and activities.

  8. Programs & Classes

    Register for a variety of aquatics, arts, dance, enrichment and fitness classes offered to community members of all ages each fall, winter/spring and summer.

  9. Public Library Programs

    Register for a number of programs and events held at the East Lansing Public Library.

  10. Volunteering

    The City of East Lansing offers a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the organization.

  11. Youth & Adult Sports

    Parks, Recreation and Arts offers sports leagues and programs for adults and youth.