1. Bicycle Registration

    Here a number of answers to frequently asked questions about bicycle registration and safety in East Lansing.

  2. Board of Review Hearing

    The Board of Review convenes in March to review the assessment roll of the city, hear complaints of property owners regarding their assessment and corrects the assessment roll where it is deemed just.

  3. Human Relations Commission Inquiry

    The City of East Lansing safeguards your civil and human rights, empowers and defends, ensures justice amidst discrimination, intervenes to resolve disputes, and mediates to bring parties to civility.

  4. Marriage Ceremony

    A judge may perform marriages within the district for which he or she serves, unless a visiting judge is appointed to act outside the district.

  5. Relocation Packet for New Residents

    Sign up to receive a relocation packet with information regarding living in East Lansing, including City services, community amenities, the schools and more.

  6. Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing

    The Zoning Board of Appeals interprets and grants variances from provisions of the zoning code, conducts hearings and resolves disputes regarding decisions of the zoning official.