What is Fair Housing?
The basic concept of fair housing is that every person has the same fundamental right to purchase, lease, or occupy residential real property. Under the federal, state, and local law, no person shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin in the sale, rental, or advertising of dwellings, in the provision of brokerage services, or in the availability of residential real estate-related transactions.

Michigan law adds age, height, weight and marital status protections. Chapter 22 of the City Code further prohibits discrimination based on age, height, weight, sexual orientation, gender identify or expression, student status, legal source of income or the use of adaptive devices or aids.

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1. What is Fair Housing?
2. Why was this policy created?
3. What are the acts that prohibit any kind of discrimination?
4. Who is protected from discrimination?
5. Who potentially conducts acts of discrimination?
6. What actions are considered to be housing discrimination?
7. What does discrimination based upon religion mean?
8. What does "discrimination because of sex" mean?
9. What does "national origin" mean?
10. What does discrimination against familial status mean?
11. What does "sexual orientation" mean?
12. What does “gender identity or expression” mean?
13. What "student status" refers to?
14. What kind of housing is covered by the Fair Housing Act?
15. Are there some exemptions of the Fair Housing Act?
16. What does housing for elderly people mean?
17. How can I recognize that I have experienced discrimination?
18. What can I do if I believe I have a grievance?
19. What information should I provide to the City's Human Resource Department?
20. Who can advise me if I want to make accessibility improvements to my house or property?
21. What is considered a handicap in terms of fair housing?
22. What is the relation between the person with a handicap and the buyer/seller of a dwelling?
23. What does discrimination against people with disability mean?
24. What kind of technical requirements are for any building to comply with related to persons with a handicap?
25. What are the law requirements for new buildings?
26. Where can I find the accessibility standards for dwelling units required to be accessible under the Fair Housing Act's design and construction requirements?
27. Does the Fair Housing Act require any minimum number of accessible dwelling units?
28. Do the Fair Housing Act's design and construction requirements apply to detached single-family homes?
29. Why are there so many new townhouse developments that have more than one level and that aren't accessible? Doesn't the Fair Housing Act's design and construction requirements prohibit them?
30. Do the Fair Housing Act's design and construction requirements cover condominiums?
31. What is the effective date of the Fair Housing Act's design and construction requirements?
32. Who can be sued for violations of the design and construction requirements of the Fair Housing Act?
33. What does "covered multifamily dwellings" mean?