What is No Mow May?

No Mow May is an international conservation initiative that encourages property owners to stop or reduce mowing in May to create habitat and provide resources for hungry, early-season pollinator populations, such as native bees. The initiative also brings awareness of the importance of pollinator species, raises interest in year-round pollinator-friendly landscaping and stimulates conversations about how the built environment can better interact with the natural world.

East Lansing, like most urban and suburban communities, has local code that regulates “nuisance lawns” and requires property owners to keep lawns mowed. Through the adoption of No Mow May and associated policy resolution, the East Lansing City Council has suspended enforcement of this ordinance for the month of May to facilitate community participation in the initiative.

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1. What is No Mow May?
2. Why has the City endorsed No Mow May?
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