How can someone participate?

There are many ways to participate in No Mow May and residents are encouraged to participate in any way that matches their level of comfort and interest. Participation is voluntary and can be adapted to what works best for individual participants. Here are some examples of ways different residents may choose to participate in this community effort:

  • Refrain from mowing for the entire month of May.
  • Mow one, two or three times during May, rather than weekly.
  • Continue mowing, but plant a diverse set of flowering native, pollinator-friendly plants in a garden or landscape.
  • Forgo lawn herbicide and pesticide lawn treatments.
  • Only leave the back yard, side yard or a small patch of unmowed grass to try it out!
  • Refrain from mowing most of the yard, but keep walking paths or play areas maintained.
  • Mow only around the edges of sidewalks, homes/gardens or driveways and keep parkways maintained.

All of these approaches will reduce mowing and help local pollinator species. There is no wrong way to participate!

Registration is not required, but it is useful for tracking community participation. Submit the form here if participating and, by doing so, receive a free yard sign to show support for pollinators! Those who register, will receive an email when the yard signs are available to be picked up at the East Lansing Department of Public Works, 1800 E. State Road, or East Lansing Hannah Community Center, 819 Abbot Road.

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