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Bailey Park


  1. benches
  2. parking
  3. picnic tables
  4. playground
  5. soccer field
  6. tot lot
Bailey Park is situated in the heart of the downtown Bailey neighborhood. There are open lawn areas for soccer and other uses, and play structures of various kinds to accommodate children from 2 to 12 years of age. A four foot high chain link fence surrounds it on three sides, with the Bailey Community Center to the south. The mixture of sun and shade is well balanced in this park.

A portion of the South half of Bailey Park contains an assortment of asphalt paved areas that are in poor condition and arranged haphazardly. There are play structures set up in three distinct locations specifically for different age groups. The separation is for good purpose, though it makes it difficult for parental supervision.

Bailey Park provides the outdoor play space for the City of East Lansing childcare and summer camp programs. It is heavily used in this capacity making its maintenance and upkeep of paramount importance.The State of Michigan day care licensing requires that all playgrounds used by licensed programs meet playground safety standards.