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Ehinger Park


  1. benches
  2. picnic tables
  3. playground
  4. small play field
Ehinger Park is a peaceful and pleasant park nestled into a small bowl in the neighborhood. It is surrounded by houses and mature trees ring the park. A central low area retains water after rains. The slope that enters the park from Chesterfield Parkway is steep and mostly devoid of vegetation. This is a potential erosion hazard. The neighborhood children use this as a sledding hill in winter. There is no barrier-free access.

Ehinger Park saw substantial improvement in 2010 and 2011. Engineered fiber mulch was installed under the existing play structures and expanded to make room
for 3 new pieces of play equipment. The stairs from Chesterfield Parkway into the park were replaced, under drainage repaired and the play house was removed. These improvements were a substantial upgrade to the park.

A walkway is needed from the road to the playground but there is strong neighborhood opposition to any further hardscape in the park.