Where is this property?

The City of East Lansing’s Parking Lot #4 is at the northwest corner of Abbot Road and Albert Avenue. It is adjacent to the Dublin Square restaurant. The parcel also includes an additional piece of land that will be made available by the re-alignment of Albert Avenue, which is expected to occur in spring 2020.

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1. Where is this property?
2. If voters approve the ballot proposal, what would it allow?
3. How was the price determined? Can it be sold for more or less?
4. If voters approve this, does this mean that the City will automatically sell the land to MSUFCU?
5. If the voters approve this, does this mean that a project is approved for the site?
6. When will we see more information about the MSUFCU project? When are they expected to apply?
7. Will MSUFCU pay taxes on the new building?
8. Will the City's general fund benefit from the potential sale of land?
9. What is the likelihood for Tax Increment Financing to be requested for the project?