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"Why I Wear A Mask" Photo Contest Online Entry Form

  1. Submit a photo of yourself in downtown East Lansing wearing a mask along with a narrative (30 words or less) about why you wear a mask. All photos must include a downtown landmark or downtown business (preference will be given to photos featuring downtown businesses). The deadline to submit photos is February 1, 2021.
  2. Photo Release
    I hereby give the City of East Lansing my permission to use my photographs in City marketing materials. I furthermore agree the City has the right to publish or reproduce my photos for educational, informational or promotional purposes without any payment or compensation to me (excluding any contest prizes that are awarded) and I certify that all persons depicted in the photos have signed a model release. I authorize the City of East Lansing to use and publish my photos in print or electronically.
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  4. Model Release
    I grant the City of East Lansing permission to use my likeness in photograph in any and all of its electronic or print publications. I will make no monetary or other claim against the City of East Lansing for the use of the photograph.
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