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Overnight Parking Requests

  1. To request that a vehicle be placed on the City of East Lansing's official overnight parking exemption list, please fill out this form. This online form request substitutes for a call to the East Lansing Parking and Code Enforcement (PACE) Department. This form must be filled out completely to qualify for an exemption. In East Lansing, parking is not permitted on some streets from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. and is not permitted on all other streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. (please look for street signs). Vehicles permitted to park overnight are only exempt for one night at a time and requests must be made by midnight of the night for which the permission is requested. Vehicles receiving an overnight parking exemption must still be in a legal parking space. Any false, incomplete or misleading information entered on this form is reason in itself for the request to be denied. A residence may only be granted 20 exemptions in one year and vehicles parked in excess of that will not be exempted and are subject to parking citations. The information entered into this form is not used for any criminal matters. The agency for this list is PACE. The East Lansing Police Department's front desk is the point of contact for this page: (517) 319-6897. Please note that overnight parking requests are not accepted during major snow events in order to leave streets fully accessible to snow plows.

  2. Who
    Please provide the following information for the person requesting overnight parking.
  3. Location
    Enter the street where the vehicle will be parked using the drop-down menu below. Please note that certain streets (Michigan Avenue, Grand River Avenue, Hagadorn Road, Harrison Road, etc.) are not included in the street name drop-down menu because on-street parking is not permitted along these roadways.
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