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Hidden River Park


  1. benches
  2. picnic tables
  3. sand play area
  4. swing set
Hidden River Park is the newest and smallest East Lansing Park. Formally dedicated in 2007, this .2 acre mini-park is located at the intersection of Moorland Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue in the Southeast Marble Neighborhood. It plays host to several very mature and beautiful spruce trees which share the east half of the site with a lawn area.

In 2008, a Master Plan for Hidden River Park was developed. The theme for the park is that of a “Natural Playground”, which is an environmentally sensitive playground with natural play elements.

The first portion of this park was installed in 2009 and included a limestone pathway loop and a large stone climbing elements within a sand bed. In 2011 a small swing set was installed and benches were installed in 2012 and 2013.